1. Joan Jett

Everyone remembers the young teen punk girl who was the co-lead of The Runaways. However, once she was done with the girl band, she decided to go solo that didn’t initially prove successful. History has it that 23 labels turned her down. So in true rebel style, she decided to release the album on her own. She started her record label and the rest is epic history. The album sold more than 10 million copies with hits like I Love Rock n Roll and Bad Reputation.


  1. Radiohead

Artists like Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne have quoted this great band’s name in their own songs and for good reason – this band has a cult following since they first started in the industry. They did initially have a label supporting them, but when their contract ran out, they decided to take a leap of faith. They self-released their next album In Rainbows and asked fans to pay whatever they wanted. This is musicianship.


  1. Nine Inch Nails

The band that inspired shock-rock artist Marilyn Manson also struggled with getting signed on. The Trent Reznor-led band released an album while between labels that turned out to be quite a hit with fans. That album was Ghosts I-IV and was released through their own label, The Null Corporation.


  1. The Pixies

This band took a break and when they decided to return more than 10 years later, they didn’t really have a label waiting to sign them on. It didn’t matter – they released their LP Indie Cindy to positive reviews. No fan will ever forget Where Is My Mind?


  1. My Bloody Valentine

This band took a break and when they returned, they decided to release their latest album on their own site. The album sold for a cool $16 a piece, but that didn’t stop fans from buying them anyway. Of course, they promised that they would try getting a label to sign them on again so that they can release more reasonably priced awesomeness.

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