Building a home studio is one of the most exciting things you can do! Imagine this: you will be creating magic within your home and you can work at any time of the day or night whenever imagination calls! There are certain necessities that one would need in a home recording studio, and those the list is endless depending on certain specifications for your studio in particular, here are the general elements that make up the boom room:

  1. MAC – Apple computers are all the rage, especially for artists, as that is who they were primarily designed and marketed for! First essential in your studio: a MAC.
  2. Studio Monitors! Another essential are studio monitors that help with the entire production process.
  3. A Microphone – For anything to be heard really, truly and clearly, one would need a microphone or two to help amplify the sound, which brings us to our next component
  4. Amplifier – If you are using any instrument like an electric guitar, an amplifier is necessary to help with fine tuning the rhythms and melodies.
  5. Headphones – These help with musicians listening to each individual sound and also trying to come up with a steady harmony for the track.
  6. Recording Software – You can’t produce music if you don’t have the software to help you out! Owning a Mac has it’s bonuses, including having GarageBand pre-installed. Other softwares include Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, etc.

Before you BUY anything however, you need to understand for WHAT purpose your studio is going to be used. There are different genres and sub-genres in music, and each of them has different requirements to produce music successfully. Simply acquiring expensive equipment and not knowing what to do with it is not going to help anybody. Keep practicing, find your tunes and at least learn the basic musical notes and how they all sync together. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are serious enough, you will definitely meet with success.

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