Those who are even remotely connected to the music industry keep hearing this title “music producer” being thrown around. No one really sees them around, unless they are biggies like Dr. Dre and Missy Elliot. But still there are abstract definitions to what a music producer really is and what they actually do. Here we break, break, break it down (LOL) to let you in on the what and how of being a music producer. First, to the WHAT.

Music producers are the makers of music. What you hear in your ear when your listening to a track is basically the culmination of a music producers’ imaginations. Usually a single comes to them either in the form of written lyrics, a beat, some basic demo of how the song is supposed to sound or maybe just an idea. Then, they imagine the track from an all-round view – they try to understand the vibe the song will give off, they get into the minute details like an additional instrument that will produce an added dimension to the track and they basically supervise the production process. There are various tools that go into creating a song and it is up to the produce to bring all these elements together into one fluid harmony. This is basic information on what a music producer is and probably the easiest explanation you will ever find! But, if you want to go more in depth, CLICK HERE.

Now we come to the technicalities of the HOW.

No matter what you want to become in life, you need the apparatus and you need to be in that field. For example, you can’t say you are a football player if you don’t 1. have a football and 2. don’t have a field. The same goes for music production – you need to either get yourself a studio or make your way into one. Some major players in the business started off as assistants, interns and even worse, groupies and cleaners around a studio! The truth is, when you get out there and find yourself in the presence of awesomeness that is music-making, some of that magic is bound to rub off on you and you will also learn the ropes if you observe processes carefully. Take this as the most vital information above all else.

Grab a mentor. Very few music producers have started off on their own without having a mentor. See, music production is creative business, and if you hook yourself on to someone with similar style as yours, you will be inspired in no time. What your mentor will do is chisel out all the unwanted parts and carve out a fine producer that was hidden away somewhere inside you. You have a leader who has shown you the path, a guru if you will. If you are into hip-hop, don’t spend time with a metal record producer, because his style and way of functioning will not help you make way in your specified genre. Work for free for a while, if you have to, but choose a particular producer who is going to influence you and is willing to teach you the navigation of the way.

Another important point to remember is to do research. The music business is ever-changing. If you look at one particular artist, you will notice how their style has also morphed with the newer generation. You don’t find Britney Spears singing high school anthems anymore – she is more about being a fierce woman now. Of course, you have the effervescent EMINEM who has been banging out those raps for ages – but even he has changed his style and pace to keep up with the competition. Also, instruments and recording equipment have improved and companies come up with new models all the time. As a music producer, you need to be as aware of the music industrial niche you are trying to conquer and take it from there.

Have ample finances. Being a music producer doesn’t come cheap. Right from equipment, to recording space to signing on a new artist actually producing an album, you need to be spending the money until you start making the money. It takes a lot of time, dedication and focus to be able to bring all instruments together and then start successfully selling your work. Make sure you have a good amount of money saved up because you don’t want to see the day where you need to be shutting shop to survive.

And last but not the least, have good knowledge! A producer not only has to have a good ear, but he or she definitely needs to understand the intricacies of music. Yes, there have been certain producers who are more about consultation and bringing the appropriate talent together, but that is not all.

If you want to take a look at an impressive list of producers out there currently in the industry, CLICK HERE. And all the best!

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